Loving hands.

I came into work the other day and one of our littles was having trouble transitioning to outside play.  It had to do with clothing which is a very real problem for toddlers sometimes.  We finally got ourselves outside and three out of four of the littles were okay. One little still needed a bit more time to adjust. Three out of four of the littles discovered that the wind had recently blown a lot of leaves onto our patio and what fun it was to throw them up in the air.  All of a sudden the fourth little stopped crying and started laughing!  Yeah!  
We moved from the patio into the yard space, which until recently was covered in snow.  But warm temperatures and warm winds melted it all.  So our yard was interesting to investigate.  

We climbed up our steep bank. 

 All of a sudden a new game started with one little holding out her hand to another.  She helped a friend and then that friend helped someone else.  It was amazing for me to watch.

Lending a helping hand.

They all participated in the helping game.

Learning about friendship.

Learning about co-operation.

Still emotionally and socially immature and egocentric these toddlers are tentatively reaching out to each other with generosity.

This was a great part of the morning.

Often unable to share, sometimes screaming, usually egocentric, always unique, mostly loving and fun.  

Welcome to Toddlerville.  

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