Toddler Hockey.

I read an article recently about boys.  Boys in daycare.  Boys in daycare being cared for by women (usually).  I found it very enlightening because of what's going on in our toddler room this winter.  It just so happens that in January we will have 10 boys and 3 girls in our room.  There is undeniable energy that can't be ignored these days.  And so what to do?  I decided I need to think more like a boy.  You know the old adage....if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I have a little guy in our room who is very into hockey.  He knows all about hockey.  Hockey sticks, hockey net, hockey puck, hockey arena, fans.  So I decided to follow his lead and interest and create some hockey in our room. 

Just to be clear girls can play hockey!!!!! I watched the amazing Canadian girls vs US gold medal (Four Nations Cup) game recently.  Wow!  Fast, incredible athletes all!!
This wasn't by any means only for the boys but rather a positive way to channel energy.

 Someone donated the little net, which I am embarrassed to say is upside down in all of these pictures.  None of the littles minded.

A Dad fabricated the cool helmets with $ store materials.  Thank-you!

I fabricated the sticks out of cardboard tubes we had on hand. They won't last long but they are serving the purpose.  We used balls, an orange pom pom and and plastic puck I found.

She was a little uncertain with the fast pace but she gave it a try!

Other children played hockey as well but it was a little challenging getting action shots!

The other day we had to stay inside all day because of the freezing temperatures.  I quickly put together four little cardboard box cars.  He is driving to the hockey arena with his helmet and stick.

It is my goal to create spaces in our room where I can say YES to the children.  Do you need to kick?  Here is a ball you can kick.  Do you need to jump?  You can jump on these cushions.  Do you need to climb?  You can climb here.  

Having all the energy and dynamics in our room will be challenging but will push us as educators to be creative and to work as a team.

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