Toddlers in Motion.

Here are a few highlights from our busy week in the toddler room.

We have set up a sensory room in our bathroom!  I know that sounds funny but our bathroom is actually quite roomy and we needed a space to divide off a small group if needed. We even had a half gate installed. I wondered if the sink and toilets would be a distraction but that has not been the case at this point.  We dim the main lights and the room is lit by the soft glow of a string of Christmas lights.  I almost always play a classical music CD as the children are working.

I was inspired by THIS BLOG POST and decided to bring out our Overhead Projector too!  I gave them the felt pieces of Brown Bear, Brown Bear to use if they wanted.  They have loved this story all fall and it was fun to continue their learning in  a new way.

So excited to find the projected image!

We played a lot of hockey!  It has been a great positive physical outlet.  Many children join in the fun.  Some are happy to be fans, and some are learning to participate in a game which is new to them.

In one corner of our room we have a window that we placed sticky laminating film onto.  The children have punched shapes to stick on.  This is an activity that has been out for a long time.  I saw the children using it this week.

Trains and cars continue to be a huge interest in our room.  One morning I had three little boys using the same space at the same time.  They all wanted some trains and tracks and had to work very hard to co-operate.  




Working mutually in close proximity can be a challenge for toddlers who are egocentric and still learning their words.  As a staff we are finding Magda Gerber's method of Sportscasting very effective.

These pictures describe just some of our play this week. 

We also:

*Read many stories
*Played on the climber
*Made soup in the play kitchen
*Played with dolls
*Built towers and roads with the wooden blocks
*Played with play-do
*Played outside a minimum of 2 hours each day
*Sang songs
*Listen to music and danced with ribbons
*Put together puzzles
*Played with the farm animals and the barn
*Enjoyed exploring the new snowflake shapes on the light table with magnifying glasses and colored paddles
 *Watched some highschool girls play basketball
*Ate delicious made from scratch food by our wonderful, creative cook!
*Slept well at nap time!

I am so grateful for our staff team and their dedication to being the most effective, professional and amazing  caregivers they can be. I wish each one a restful, well deserved holiday break.

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