Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.  I have been thinking about the different "Father's" in my life all day.

My childhood Father was away a lot when I was young.  When he was around life was unpredictable and not always so good.  He had some serious problems he carried with him from his childhood.  There was bad.  There was good.  I moved away when I was fifteen and he was not really in my life after that. He has passed away now, but I think of him.

I met my Heavenly Father when I was fifteen.  He literally took me out of darkness and brought me into light.  My life has never been the same.
He saved me.  Over the years He has taken care of me.  Faithfully.

My Father-in -law was a special man.  In many ways I didn't really know him.  He was very quiet, but observant and thoughtful.  He accepted me for me and I knew that.  He let me know in gentle ways.  Like the time he bought me a lovely bottle of perfume.  And the time he gave me some money to buy a new dress.  When he passed he gave his Bible to me.  To me.

And the Father of my three children.  I love him for being a wonderful Dad to them.  When they were being born he was there....sometimes on the floor after fainting, but there.  He participated fully in all aspects of their up-bringing.
They are all amazing young adults because he was there.  I truly believe that.

It's good to get these thoughts written down and out of my head!  All this thinking has made me kind of melancholy.  Now for a James Bond movie with the boys.


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    1. A walk down memory lane often includes tears doesn't it?

  2. me too..in a good way. You are courageous woman. Bless your heart.