A few years ago I had the opportunity to learn how to needle felt.  My first project was a jingle ball like this...

  I loved it so much I made another and another and another.....uh, it was a little addicting!  The same thing happened when I got on to making little dolls.  One was born daily for a while.  Let me introduce you to some of my dollies....

Cosmo and Violet



A Gnome Family....Papa, Mama and the children, brother, sister and baby

And another Gnome Family...Papa is so proud of Mama and their new baby, he brings her a flower.

I have discovered that needle felting is very therapeutic
 for me.  I have not been endowed with large measures of patience, (hand sewing can sometimes make me a little crazy, as in break the needle and throw the project across the floor kind of crazy), so I like that I see results fairly quickly with needle felting.  So does my husband.  


  1. I recognize that cute gnome family!

  2. These are all so very beautiful. Very inspiring.

  3. Thank you Aanyta! I will never forget the amazing workshops and crazy, inspirational felting frenzies we had. I always loved your garden gate wall hanging and your little cottage that the tiny mice came to live in. Sweet memories!