My Happy Garden

My sweet grand-daughter and her parents came to visit recently.  One of the activities I planned, was to do some gardening with them.  I've been seeing some gorgeously quaint fairy gardens and miniature gardens on Pinterest lately and thought it might be fun to create our own. In actual fact we had some work to do because I hadn't even removed the pots of dried up plants from last summer.
                             Nana's garden was in very sad shape!

We started with a trip to the thrift store and found some colorful planters.  Next a trip to the local Greenhouse and Farmer's Market for an assortment of succulents, and colorful flowers.

Lots of planning and digging ensued.

The addition of a little mirror for depth and reflection.

A lovely bowl of succulents, rocks and pine cones.

The sad pot is happy again!

I didn't have a fairy, but this little gnome needed a home, we thought.

Ta Da!  
A little neighbour girl came by and thought the gnomes home needed a door and so she found a little rock just the right size.  

And his yard.  I will keep you posted on how it fills out as the summer goes on! The little neighbour girl has dropped by several times to play and imagine and dream with the little gnome.  She made him a parking lot, # 76 and also a grave stone.  I am not sure about the significance of that but, you know, maybe it was important to her for some reason.

I hope you are finding happiness and a creative outlet with your own gardening this season.


  1. Such a happy, fun garden! Love it!

    1. Thank-you for your part in helping me steal, uh acquire, the beautiful stumps that provided the finishing touch. Great memories!

  2. Soooo cool. What a really magical garden you created. LOVE it. Come to my house and make one for me? And have a cup of tea :))