Always a Flip Side.

We just received happy, happy news!!  Our oldest daughter, her husband and their sweet, little girl are moving.  Here. To our city.  I am over the moon with excitement, of course.  We are scrambling around trying to find housing and they are scrambling around getting packed up and working out details in short order.

We are so looking forward to them coming, even though we can hardly believe it is happening.  No more long distance Face Time visits with the little girl.  Now we will have Face to Face visits.  What will that be like, I wonder?

While I am so excited for this welcome change in our lives, my pragmatic, what's the bottom line, mind, mulls over what this change means for other people.  Her sister, for example.  These two beautiful young sisters left home to go to college quite a few years ago.  My plan was that I would generously allow them to go and then they would come back home and live with me again.  But that is not the way it worked out.  They both successfully completed degrees and then more degrees and then masters degrees. They got jobs. The both met cute boys there and stayed.  No, that was not my plan at all.  But it is the way it is supposed to be right?  Our kids grow up and leave, just like they are supposed to. And now after all this time one is coming back.  I think the sisters are going to miss each other very much.  And little C will miss her Auntie very much.

 My son-in-law's family are going to miss them so much too.  I think this is the first time one of their sons will be living so far away.  Big changes for this family.  And little C will miss her Grandma and Grandpa, her Aunts and Uncles and little cousin. And their farm. And the dogs. Oh yes, it will be a big change.

It's the way of life it seems.  There is always a flip side.  Happy or sad.  Good or bad.  Too much or too little.

Hopefully, as the dust settles, and everyone gets used to the new changes, life will find it's rhythm once again.  A new rhythm.  A good rhythm.

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