Hanging Out.

I had a little Saturday morning visit with my sweet, just turned three, grand-daughter today.  It lasted about an hour and a half.  She is very considerate about propping up the iphone as best she can, I've noticed, so that I can see what she is doing. "Is that better, Nanny?" she asks. We've come a long way since we first started Face Time.   In actual fact getting propped up is still hit and miss, and even though she tries hard I am often integrated right into her play as one of her friends (along with her stuffies) and so the view is not always so great.  But the play is amazing to be a part of and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Some of the images I capture are bits of what I see as things pass by the screen.

Today she climbed up onto her art shelf.

 Her mom has set it up so that she can be self sufficient and access her supplies when ever she wants.  At first she looked at her marbles and buttons.

 She let me know her pink felt pen was "dead".

 Then she asked me to hold the red pipe cleaner.  I, of course, was happy to help out.

She decided she wanted to make a picture for her mom.  She observed that the green paint was, "getting a little low", but she chose that color and got herself organized at the table to do her painting.

This is what it feels like to a be a fly on the wall in some one's home.  Daddy gets a few minutes to do what he wants, mommy has time for a shower, and Nanny hangs out with the little girl.

Green painting done.

She told me that it's okay to get paint on your fingers when you are painting.

She got a white feather from her art table. 

She used it to "tuck me in".  Time for a nap, with her friends.

This was my view (under the feather) for a long time as she organized her friends.  We chatted together and she came and went getting what she needed for her play.  We sang some songs, including her made up song that was just so cute. 

 After a long time I asked her mom to hold up the phone so I could see the play scenerio.  

I know I am biased but I think this is one special little girl.

This visit was a good way to start my day.

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