Project Work in the Infant Room - A little Boy Plays

It was one of those Fridays.  A few of the little's from our daycare room were  home, sick.  A few were away for other reasons.  Some were sleeping. It was quieter than usual.  I found myself in the Project Room with one little boy.  

This is what he did.

In our Project Room there is a piece of acrylic mirror.  It was in front of the light projector.  He casually moved the yellow block across the mirror.

I wonder what he thought as he saw all the different images reflected in the mirror?

All of a sudden he let go of the block, bent nearly in double and looked and looked.

He sat up just as suddenly, shouting out his name exuberantly!!  He loved seeing his own reflection....

 How wonderful I thought, that a young child loves to see them self. Their image of themselves is still so pure and untainted. 

This is what he did next.


And then, he moved over to the light projector.

At first he just looked at the light with his hand on the glass.  Then I think he noticed a  bright bead of light on the center of the glass.  Can you see it?

He moved his hands as if trying to pick up that light or to try and hold it.

First one hand and then the other.

Then both hands.

At one point I saw him look at his hand to see if he was holding the light.

Then he just rested his hand on the glass again, on the warm light.  

No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door!  The purpose of light is to create more light, to open people's eyes, to reveal the marvels all around.
Paulo Loelho.

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