Bright Color on a Dark Day!

It was Friday.  There was no sun, if fact, the day was dark and drab.  I suggested to my staff that we go on a hike for outside time and they were in!  We dressed up all twelve of the little's and headed out!

The toddlers are learning to hold hands with each other.  This can sometimes be the most challenging part of taking them on a walk.  But they did pretty well and then we got to a place where they could let go.  They had to climb a lot of stairs.

Then we had a "mini" meeting to let them know where we were going next and how they had to walk on the path single file.

A little jostling for position.

And we got it!

Stopping to re-group and look around at the view.

Some of the toddlers where so capable and could handle this hike with no problems.  My little group at the back were the ones that found rocks to pick up....dawdle, dawdle....oh, no deer poo!...wimper, wimper, dawdle, dawdle...I neeeeeed help!!

That's okay.  I love that we could take our time.  The fast ones up front waited for us.

We stopped to look at the eagle up in the tree.  Yes, it is possible to find beauty on a dark, sunless day!

And this little one loved the tall, golden desert grass.  So much!

When we got to the top we explored for a while, changed a diaper (just keepin" it real),  and played in the nice sand.

And then it was time to run down the hill back to daycare.

First we hung on the gate for awhile until we were all caught up!

This whole expedition took us an hour and a half and yet it flew by!  What a great experience for us to be out in nature and the fresh air!

It lifted our spirits!

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