Tea For Two and A Few......More.

I happened to look over the fence from the toddler yard into one of our 3-5 yards the other day.  What I saw was delightful; so much so, that I quickly gathered a few of my little's, opened the gate and not only invited ourselves but joined right in!

One of my co-workers was hosting a tea party outside in the yard.

The day was a typical early spring day, cloudy, gray and a little cool, but that didn't deter them one bit.  In fact, maybe it made that warm apple cinnamon tea taste just a little sweeter.

The colorful tray was set up on a beautiful old stump at the end of the yard.  The children who were interested sat around enjoying tea from sweet, child sized mugs.

I love activities like this for children in daycare.  I feel it is loving, homey and family like.  

It gives an experience that they will be uplifted and edified by.  The gathering around a common purpose, sharing, and being included.

Hearts, souls and tummy's nourished.

Thank you Gay Gay for who you are and what you do.

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