My Tribute to Bev Bos.

I have to confess that I don't really like messy play.  You know paint all over, water play all over, and using other messy materials.  It's not always been my first choice of activities to do with children.  But I have to admit that so much amazing learning happens when children engage in these kinds of activities.  I've seen it with my own eyes! They prove it to me over and over again.  So, yes, even though I have to push myself to get out messy sensory materials I am never disappointed.  I may go home with a sore back because there is always greater clean - up to be done, but I am never disappointed.  And nor are the children.  A child who's senses are fed and satisfied is a happy child.

Bev Bos was a mentor for me.  She recently passed away.  I had the privilege of attending a few of her workshops.  She was so passionate about her work with children,  it literally poured out of her and inspired many people around the world.  
 I was thinking about her when I set up this art activity.

I wanted to let the toddlers try some color mixing.  I know that in the true sense of color mixing it was an activity a bit advanced for them.  Most of them are not quite at the point of realizing that mixing blue with yellow makes green.  

"I have two fingers," she said.

But they can certainly see changes in the paint as the they mix.  The wonders come more by accident than intention.

"It's my hand print."

I like setting up activities for the toddlers to discover when they wake up from their nap.  Our staff team takes turns with this.  We also almost always have a sensory activity early in the morning as well.  On this particular day, a little girl woke up ahead of her friends and got the whole table to herself.  It was a perfect activity for her too as she loves, loves, loves the feeling of paint on her hands.  And on this day she found three bowls full!  Yellow, red and blue.  And three spoons.

She moved methodically around the table enjoying each bowl of paint.

"It makes a noise."

"I need more paint."  

"Sure, honey, what color do you want?"

(Bev would have been sooo proud of me!)

But look at the art!  Look at the wonderful color mixing that happened.

Thank you Bev Bos for inspiring me to push past my own limits and give children what they need to learn and thrive!

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