Hunting For Eggs!

We went to Church.  We had lunch with our Great-Nana.  We played.  We had delicious dinner.

And then....

Our little grand-daughter organized an Easter Egg hunt for her Mom and Dad.  She carefully filled 12 plastic eggs with treats and hid them all over the house.  She gave clues as to where to start looking, like, "it's somewhere in this area," and would make wide sweeping motions with her arms.  She started the hunt in her Mom and Dad's bedroom.

Giddy laughter, twirling, hopping and excitement followed as they found all the hidden treasures!

She is at a stage right now in her five year old life where she likes to make up games, create the rules and organize everyone's part.

Her parents support her vivid and rich imagination and creative ideas by giving her lots of support, opportunity and encouragement to play by the hour. Loose parts, open-ended toys and no parent agenda!

"It's somewhere on my art shelf!"

"It might be somewhere on one of  these drawer handles!"

Vibrating with excitement as one by one each little egg was retrieved!

Counting them up.

Daddy got in on the game as well.  

"It's in my shoe!"

Everyone was rewarded in the end with yummy, sweet chocolate!

Perfect Joy!

That was her Easter for 2016.  Daddy organized the Egg Hunt in 2015.  Mommy's turn is next!

Creating her own game, Family time, Special Memories!

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