Spring is in the Air. I think.

We thought maybe Spring was in the air.  After all the ice has melted and seeped out of the earth.  The mud has dried and the temperatures are slowing warming up in the day.

I woke up on Tuesday morning and saw what Eric Carle posted.  He thinks Spring is in the air too!

And then this. 

So, no.  No spring today.

But kids are amazing.  First of all, they make you go outside.  And fresh air is good not matter what.

And then, they don't really care so much if its winter or spring, they always find interesting things to discover.

The swing still works great, even with snow on it.

The nice part about snow at this time of year is that it was all gone by the afternoon!

Perhaps Eric Carle is right after all.  

Spring is in the Air.

I am dedicating this post to my beautiful daughter Jennie, who is so sick with the flu.

She loves tulips and I love her.

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