Getting lapped.

My hubby, D, was away this week-end so I got the privilege of taking my youngest up to the local park where he likes to run and practise his baseball skills.
For the last few years he was not only playing for the University he attends but he was also part of a summer baseball league. So this summer he decided to give his body a break from eleven months of hard playing.  So he has done gym workouts on his own.....some corrective exercises and strengthening.  And then running, throwing, catching, and hitting at the park.
On this particular morning he and I just did running.

On the way to the field we talked about what music we like to listen to when we run.  

These are the toe shoes he wears.  Not intimidating at all.  I, of course wore my fave Brooks PureDrift minimalist shoes.  I blogged about them in a previous post.  I am pretty sure they make me a lot speedier.  You know, kind of like running on air....only not.

We started off together but it wasn't too long before he pulled ahead.  

And away he went.  I liked how he gave me a cute little grin every time he lapped me.  He is a kind and respectful Canadian boy like that.

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