Wet felted Playscape - The Little Blue Truck

One of our dear family friends recently had a baby.  This is their second lovely little boy and their oldest is two.  So as I was thinking about a baby gift, I thought it might be nice to make a play mat for the oldest, with the thought that the youngest would grow into playing with it in short order.  I decided to use the easy to read 'Little Blue Truck" book as a theme knowing that play mats are so versatile and open that the book is just a starting point or introduction to invite the child to play.  As time was of the essence I kept the design simple.

I love to shop at thrift stores for play accessories and was thrilled to find a dump truck and replica of a 1956-7 Ford truck made by Tonka! 

Little Blue Truck - "Horn went "Beep!" Engine purred.  Friendliest sounds  you ever heard.

The Dump!...I cut out a felt mud puddle so the children can place it where they like, adding to the interactive quality of the play mat. 

Schleiss Animals are the ones I generally choose to live on my play mats.  They do cost a little more but the quality is definitely worth it!!

Head to head and rump to rump they all pushed Blue - who pushed the Dump.

Add rocks and sticks as "loose parts" to extend the play.

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

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