Wet felted Play Scape - The Ocean

An ocean.

An ocean with a beach and a meadow.

Bunny and Hedgehog live in the meadow.

Flowers adorn the meadow.

The meadow is a colorful place for Bunny and Hedgehog to play in.

A little boat bobs up and down on the wavy ocean.

On the beach is a log.

And a starfish lives close to the water.

There are shells that are different shapes and colours, and a sand dollar.

A little yellow duck floats by looking at the beautiful beach and the colourful meadow.

"Quack, Quack," says the duck to Bunny and Hedgehog.  

The beauty of a play mat like this one is that you can weave a story together by just setting it up.  My two year olds love it.  

Susan Munzer wrote a book called Learn to Play, Play to Learn.  It is an invaluable resource including story baskets, stories, tons of information on story telling, games, puzzles and more.  Check it out here.

I was inspired by her incredible gifts of story telling and her presentation of a story.  I know you will be too.

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