Wet Felted Tea Cozy

Remember my middle child that recently had a birthday?  Well I was just visiting her and her husband who are great tea drinkers.  I realized there was something missing as I wrapped their tea pot with a tea towel to keep it warm.  Haha!  An idea was born!  When I got home I went to work needle felting a tea cozy design.  Since she has to endure long, long cold, actually freezing cold winter months, I decided to remind her of the brighter and fairer months by felting some flowers on one side and an apple tree on the other.

One side

And the other.

I used a plastic resist to separate the sides and went to work felting it.

Sheep's wool + boiling water + soap + friction = Felt

One side.

And the other.

The best part was.....she liked it!

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