Soul Food

We had the privilege this last week of enjoying a week of vacation.  Our friends graciously shared their home, time, delicious food and this stunning view!  There is something about being by the ocean that is so relaxing and life-giving.  We came away replenished.

We also have family that live close to the same ocean but with a different beach!  We enjoyed some time lounging around, overwhelmed by the view, playing, talking, laughing and re-connecting and eating, of course eating.

My youngest and his cousin....playing...the way boys do.  Doesn't matter how old one is, I've noticed.

Not hard to figure out where this log is going!

The view to the left.

The view to the right.

The view at my fingertips!

And of course we had to finish up our afternoon at our favorite Ice Cream place.  After all its a tradition and a right of passage we have to pass on to the young 'uns.

Home again now and back to the daily grind.  When I listen carefully I can still hear the rolling waves.

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