Hanging on to our Stuff

My mother moved recently.  To the town where I live.  It has fallen to my hubby, D, and I to help her load and unload and unpack and downsize.  Moving is tall order for a 75 year old 5' nothing, 95 lb little lady.

It's tough for us (in general) to let go of stuff isn't it?  We have our lives, our memories stored in boxes.  Depending on where we have come from in our past lives, the need to hang on to our things can be even greater.  Those of us who have experienced poverty tend to hang on because we have such an appreciation for what we own.  
Or maybe it comes down to personality.  Chuckers and Hoarders?  Maybe there is a spectrum.  Some of us are extreme Chuckers and some of us are extreme Hoarders and the rest are somewhere in between.

My hubby D and I moved, with our youngest to a new community about 3 years ago.  We had lived in our old place for 25 years.  Can I let you in on a secret? I have things in my own basement (of the house that we now rent) that have been packed up and not used for all this time.  I think about that and wonder how long to keep those items. You know, like, Grandma's fine bone china...that I will Never, Ever use.  But I feel obligated to keep. Or things your children have made for you and you just love those hand crafted items so much because when you look at them, they take you back in time to when your wonderful grown up children were cute young children.  Or cards!!! Wedding, Babies, Birthdays, Christmas.....yikes, what to do, what to do!  One practice I have begun with clothes is that when I buy something new I toss something old.....that seems to be working for me.

This post is just a place to share some of my thoughts about stuff....sorry no pat answers.....this is a journey we all have to take at some point.  All the best!!
Feel free to comment on your experience with stuff!

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