It's been a while since I have been here!!  So much has happened in the last few weeks.  But here I am today and ready to write a post about someone beautiful in my life!

One morning, twenty seven years ago, I woke up and knew a little baby was going to be born.  My due date had been two weeks prior and other than a mad, middle of the night race to the hospital which ended up being false labour, my pregnancy was normal and I was just waiting and waiting for her.... or him to come.  My husband D, was secretly very thrilled to race through the city at night, apparently he had always wanted to do that.  So that morning labor started and I was amazingly calm and happy.  I got my first born packed and ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's.  Nice for me that they lived in the same city.  We had a cup of tea there and then when the contractions were close enough we headed up to the hospital.  She was born around supper time.  She came into the world relatively easy and they wrapped her up in a blanket so only her tiny little face was showing.  She made little mewling sounds that melted my mama's heart and I knew she was going to be so sweet.  And she is and was as she grew up.  Sweet and kind and loving and compassionate, with just the right amount of feisty mixed in.  I love her.
Happy Birthday little girl.  I wish for you the best day ever.  And the best year.  And the best life.


  1. wahhhh you made me cry! Thank you for writing this..i feel special :)

  2. You are special! And let me know when your gift arrives!