A Home Made Dollhouse.

Have you ever heard of Made By Joel?  He has a blog and a Facebook page.  You can meet him HERE.

He is an artist and designer and a stay at home dad, and he plays guitar and cooks and cleans....yup, he pretty much does it all.  

I think he sounds like a fun and awesome guy!

My daughter likes the children's toys he makes and bought his book recently.

In it he shows a modern style doll-house that she thought might be nice for her daughter.  My sweet, sweet grand-daughter!

So, that's what she got for Christmas.  I love that she got something homemade.  And guess what?  Her fun and awesome, stay at home dad, made it for her.  And, and he had to cut the wood in -20 degree weather!

I hope she gets a lot of years of play out of it.

My daughter had an assortment of doll's furniture from when she was little that she put in the house.  And my grand-daughter has a good collection of Fisher Price dolls and furniture that go perfectly as well.

Simple is beautiful!

Having it open makes it easily accessible from both sides.  Nice on days when a friend or cousin comes to play.

Thanks Joel!  Great idea!

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