Savouring the Moments.

The week-end was for visiting!.  If you have been following my blog, you might have seen some previous documentation of my Iphone visits with my grand-daughter.

It's amazing the amount of fun and activity we can share this way.

During the last few visits we have:

*read books to each other
*done art work
*cooked in the play kitchen
*talked about her small world penguin bin
*enjoyed her sparkly Christmas tree and opened presents together
*played with her doll house
*played dress up
*played dolls
*sung songs
*and more!

Some of the things I have observed have been:

*seeing her use her incredible imagination using loose parts and open-ended toys
*witnessed her interest in so many learning scenarios
*the steady maturation of her speech (but I love when she says, sveater!)
*a relationship with her Papa and I that is strengthening
*her creativity
*her secure and deep love for her Mom and Dad
*her sweet, sweet face and personality

Creating with pastels

Her Dad realized that we were gazing at the ceiling quite a bit when she was done with her art he did this....

Taped it to the ceiling!  He is standing on the small step stool, so she had to try it out too.

Reading books

Balancing on the wobble board.  The Iphone is on there too.  Needless to say we sometimes get a little motion sickness while visiting with this girl!

All in all I am very thankful to be in her life this way.  

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