A Saturday Morning Visit.

This morning Papa and I got to have an Iphone visit with our busy little
grand-daughter.  I managed to capture a few images of her whirling and twirling play time!  At first everyone got a dress-up hat to wear.  First it was a space hat, which quickly changed to fire hats.   She wore her red strawberry hat that I bought her when she was a new born.

She still likes it and  wears it. 

Then we raced on down to her bedroom and we played with her new Christmas doll house for a few minutes.  Until she decided she needed a different dress.

And then she needed a sweater.  Except she says, "sveater."

At one point she put us in a basket.  The next thing I knew we were flying down the hall!  

Heigh, ho and away we go!  Basket riding, basket riding.
Heigh, ho and away we go! Riding in a basket.

Then it was time to make some supper in her kitchen.  She put supper on the plates and then warmed it in the oven.

No, we are not eating a coin...it's a noodle.  Yum, yum!

Time for some exercise.  At this point Papa left to go make a coffee, so it was just me and active girl.  She put me on the foot pad of the elliptical.  She calls it her moving machine.  Hang on, Nana!

Then it's time for a little yoga.

And now it's time for Nana to take a nap.  Wait, it's only 10:00 a.m.

Happy Saturday everyone!!

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