Another great visit.

Papa and I visited, via Iphone, for nearly two hours this morning with our sweet, sweet grand-daughter.  And her Mom and Dad...a little bit.  Our sweet, sweet grand-daughter sort of likes to handle the iphone Herself these days.  And that's okay with us.  It gives her Mom and Dad a teensy, weensy break from active girl.

Maybe because of my age (?) I am still amazed by the fact that we can actually visit this way...we sort of jump right into their home and hear and see what this little girl is thinking about and playing with and imagining and learning.

 You have to understand that as the visit goes on I get snippets of images as she moves through the house.  She flows from one activity to another smoothly but swiftly.  I usually get the jist of what she is saying but she often talks quickly and I don't always have the context.  Some of the images I see seem like art to me and I like that too... hope you enjoy!

Here are is some documentation of today's visit.

We started off playing going to space again.  This time she had the blue dress-up hat and we got the strawberry one.  This image is us, in the iphone, with the red space hat on.  

She uses her fingers to count 1-7, then Blast-off!

We went from playing space ships to the make food.  Noodles again.  Today we felt a little like Hansel and Gretel as we were placed on the door of the oven.  At one point I was given a hotdog.  "Do you want me to feed you Nana?"  And she did, using a spatula....yum, yum.

We played with her dollhouse for a while and she propped us up, IN the dollhouse so I couldn't get any pictures.  I did hear her put in some little dolls.  One was Auntie Nickie and one was Grandpa.  Then I heard her say, "Grandpa is Matt's dad.  She is making family connections, and playing it out with her little dolls.  Cool stuff.

At one point she showed us her red nerf football, which today, was a volleyball.  That you have to dive for, to keep it off the floor.  

Then she wanted to look for treasures.

"Ah, beautiful treasures!

"I can put this on my wrist," she says.

After a while she took a fuel break and enjoyed a smoothy that her Daddy made for her.

A smoothy moustache!

We talked about how her smoothy cup used to be her Mom's, when her mom was a little girl.

Riding in the trunk of her bike.

Covered with a blanket, taking a nap, by myself.

In the car seat, with a seatbelt.  On the way to the school.

Time to say good-bye.

Til next time, little girl!!

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