A very tiny Doll in a very tiny Tin.

When I saw this very tiny tin, that my hubby D brought home from the health fair, I knew that I would not use it for pills, but rather for a baby bed.  For a very tiny baby.

 I have seen tiny baby beds like this on Pinterest.  You could see another idea HERE.  My tin is much smaller than the one this lady used for hers and there was definitely no room for a pillow!

I got out my needle and wool and felted a little dolly just the right size for the tin.

 I didn't have much mohair for the her hair but I had a little, and then I felted a small bonnet on her head as well.  

I cut out a piece of felt for her bed and a smaller piece for her blanket.  

Simple!  And a nice addition to my grand-daughters doll collection.

According to her Mom, a lot of the fun for her is when she discovers the dolly in the tin around the house.  As she is playing she leaves it some place and then surprise! she finds it again.  She calls it, her.... "Dolly in a Tin."

Of course she does.

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