One of those weeks.

It was one of those weeks.  The weather is cold and the sky is grey.  Not that I wish away time, but January can't be done fast enough for me.  I really miss the sun.  It can be cold, it can be snowy, if only the sun would break through the cloud and fog.

The children are sick, well almost all of them are sick.  The staff are sick and tired.   Everyone is working a little harder then the usual hard to cover sick days and staff shortages.

And then came Friday.  Down to seven littles from the usual twelve.  A reprieve.  Calmness in the room.  Time to love and support and spend extra time with each one.

I realized once again the importance of a strong, and compatible staff team.  I love that about the young girls I am currently working with.  We are going in the same direction.  We are taking turns with duties and tasks and supporting each other.  It makes such a difference.  It makes me like going to work.  That and my new half day shifts that I still can't believe I am doing!  I feel the life coming back into my spirit.  Energy returning.

Enjoy your Friday evening. 

The night sky.  Painted by C, soon to be three!

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