Break Through.

Hello and welcome beautiful, wonderful Friday evening.  I have been waiting eagerly for you to arrive and here you are at last.

My hubby D and I started off the week-end on a good note.  We met at the gym after work and had a good work out. I have recently had a break-through.  I have, up to now, been walking,  as part of my work-out....briskly and with know, to get the heart rate up.  And then all of a sudden, the other day, I was ready to run.  And so I did.  Now I am having fun with that.  Some days I just run.  Some days I do intervals.  Some days I walk.  I like to switch it up to kind of trick myself.  You see, the truth is that I dislike pain, so to avoid meeting pain head on I add in lots of variety.  My weight lifting is improving too.  And I have been making sure I complete all my sets before starting the next thing.  It's definitely paying off. I am feeling stronger and more disciplined.  

I am looking forward to a couple of things this week-end.

1)  I have $30.00 to spend on books for the infant room.  I love shopping for books.  I will go round to all the thrift stores.  Too bad it's not garage sale season yet.  Oh well, it will be fun to see how many great books I can get with the $30.

2)  The weather man is predicting sunshine!!  After many cloudy, grey days, I am really excited about that.  I will make time for a walk for sure.

3)  It's the Super Bowl this week-end.  I don't ever watch football, but we have friends in Seattle, so we feel obligated to stand in solidarity with them.  Go Hawks!!  Or Broncos...whoever....may the best man, men win!!  We bought chips for the occasion.   You're supposed to eat chips while watching the Super Bowl right?

Happy Week-End everyone!

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