A Mother's Journal

I was given a Mother's Journal in Jan. 1994.  I am not a good journal writer.  But, I did try and at least write down some highlights over the years.  I was looking back over the things I recorded and chuckled about some of the funny things my kids said.....like...

L - "oooh look daddy, two creatures went to the bathroom on my swing - a bumble bee and a crow."

L has two sandwiches in her bowl....her prayer, "Thank you Lord for this one and that one."

L -  Daddy was tucking L into bed and she says, "Daddy, Jesus has special hands."  He asked her how she knew that.  "They are so soft that when they touch people, they are healed."

J - she was balancing on a log, stark naked except for neon socks and shoes.  "Mom, I lost my balance and then I found it again!"

J - "Mom, sometimes I can hardly believe I'm me."

J - "Mom, when I want to thread a needle it makes me want to break the needle and it makes me feel all shivery inside."

J - "Mom, I don't want to get my ears pierced - I don't want any surgeries or anything, I just want to keep things as they are."

W -  I asked him, "Why are you so happy?"  He says,  "Oh, I just like stuff."

W - I stayed home from work one day so was there when W arrived home from school. He came in excited and said, "I love you Mom."  He went into the living room but couldn't settle - he came back to me and said, " I love you so much and it just won't stop!"

W - (8yrs old) "When I'm a Major Leaguer I'm going to play for the Seattle Mariners."  "Why?" I asked.  "Because they have the home run hitter."  "Well, I said, by the time you get there Griffey will be a Grand-pa." "Well, I'll be the new home run hitter and I'll build a new team.  I'm going to build my house in Seattle."

 What L thinks of her Mommy - (9yrs old)
*your bed never has wrinkles
*you don't complain about doing dishes
*you don't burn yourself on the stove like me
*you sound so grown up on the telephone
*you're not fussy about food
*your clothes are always matched
*you always save me from W

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