Needle Felting - Dollies

I broke my ankle last spring.  The nice part about that was there wasn't a tremendous amount of pain.  The not so nice part was that I had to stay off it for about 4-6 weeks.  That made life interesting to say the least.  Hobbling around on crutches is harder than it looks, I found out!  Anyway, while I was sitting and resting and bone mending, I took the opportunity to do some felting.

 One of the projects I made were these little dollies.

I was quite pleased with  how they turned out.  I used some pre-felt for their bodies and needled a ball of batting for the head.  I used a thin square of batting to cover the head, gathered the extra under the dollies chin and then tucked it between the layers of the body. Then I covered the head with some skin colored roving and added a little hat.  Because I was giving them to the toddlers to play with I wet-felted them to make them more durable.

I had these little boxes so I made each of them a little bed.

I just cut out pieces of felt for the blankets.

The toddlers loved putting them in and out of the beds.  Sometimes I found the little dollies and their blankies all balled up inside a purse or in a basket. They were so easy for the littles to manipulate. 

These have been two well loved dollies!

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