The Art of Mushrooms and such.

This past Thanksgiving week-end we travelled to the property we rent out, to do some winterizing there and generally check things over.  The property is a little more than seven acres and one of the borders of the property is a creek.  The creek is the water source for the house.

Looking down the creek.  The sun was shining through the branches creating mesmerising shadows.


Up the creek.

I never get tired of hanging out here.  There is something very soothing about water gurgling over and around the rocks.

As I walked the land I was struck, once again, by the beauty around me.

So much moss.  So much art.

And guess what?  So many mushrooms to be found.  I thought I might like to have a mushroom contest.  Which ones do you  think are the most beautiful?  

This one?

These cute little ones?

How about this guy?  I don't know why I think it's a guy?  

This one reminds me of a pancake.  Nice and toasty.  It's likely poisonous though, so wasn't tempted to take a bite!

I love these shiny beauties.


Tiny little white ones.  Growing out of a bed of moss.

I love the ruffly edges of this one.

I don't know....can't decide....loved them all.  

So glad I had a chance to be in nature.  Very thankful.


  1. Awesome mushroom photos Ray-Ann! I see a few familiar fungi there and some not so familiar. Looks like you really have a little corner of heaven there.

    1. Thanks Richard. Different than the coast but can be damp as well. Just what mushrooms love!