The House that Papa Built

                                    Once upon a time there was a Papa.

Papa was a very hard worker.  He cut down many trees to clear the land, so he could build a beautiful house for his family.

It took many years to build the beautiful house, but fortunately there were three very helpful children to make the job lighter.

The house was going to be built on property that was actually a forest.  When the family first moved there the young girls called it the "Hidey Hole."

Wild life was comfortable passing through.

And there was lots of room for a garden.

I am clearly feeling a little nostalgic about the house that we built and are currently renting out.  We are going to be doing some work on the house and the property this week-end.  This post started out with the little Schleiss character that we bought to give to our grand-daughter and my hubby D thought I should make a felted story mat to go with.  Then he thought, we could tell her the story of our property and some of the things we accomplished together as a family.

I think she'll like this story.  


  1. awww, good (mostly) memories :) hope you have a good visit to the homeland

  2. the forest was beautiful.....mushrooms, moss, dappled light and leaves turning....wish you were there with me.