The World Serious.

My hubby D and I went over the baseball field to watch our son play ball today. It is the last week-end for games as the weather is getting colder and they will soon start winter training in the gym.   His team is divided into two and they play each other in an inter-squad series that they call "The World Serious".

It's fun, but they take it "seriously".  

We love watching our kid.  #17.  He's the one at bat.  

In between games, we went for a walk to get the circulation going.  Amongst all the baseball fields and soccer pitches are beautiful trees, and paths to walk on.

And lots of Canada geese.  These ones don't seem to fly south.  The climate here is moderate enough for them and they find enough food.

More geese.  They make walking around the park a little treacherous.  You have to watch out for the land mines, if you know what I mean.

I am wearing the team colors!  I like to be a supportive fan.

Back at the field I yell down to my kid and ask if he has enough food and tea.  He likes drinking tea.  I like that about him.

They ended the day by winning one and losing one.  The final will be tomorrow.


  1. Haha And I seriously like you! And they seriously won!! Your brother's second year in a row of being the champs. Woot! Woot!