Thankful For Apples!

One Thanksgiving week-end, a few years ago, our girls and the one son-in-law we had at the time,  came home.  One of our neighbours had an abundance of apples and asked if we could use some.  Well, he didn't have to ask us twice!  We said, "Sure," and raced on over with our buckets and ladders and lots of enthusiasm.

Apple pressing started for us as a family when the girls were quite small.  My hubby D isn't known for doing things in half measures and when he got the idea to make apple juice one fall, I thought it was a great idea.  So off he went to buy some apples from an apple orchard about an hour and a half away.  Little did I know that he would bring home 800 lbs!!  800 lbs!!  And if little is good, more is better.....the next fall he brought home 1600lbs!!  Apple juice, apple sauce, apple sauce, apple sauce, apple pie, you get the picture!

Here we are picking and picking.  It was all hands on deck.

I think this boy is dreaming of apple pie!  And we know he is not superstitious.

She's dreaming of apple pie too.  Look at her go!

Good thing she is so tall.

And this guy is 12 feet tall.  Oh, wait a minute he's jumping!  

We filled bins and buckets and more buckets and bins.

We really wanted to help our neighbour out.  We are very polite that way.

This is the biggest apple yet.

Nope, this one is the winner!

It's always nice when your son-in-law is cute AND helpful.  "Please, please, please will you make me apple pie?"  

Time for the pressing to begin.  I can almost smell them.  Aren't they beautiful?

I guess the smell of apples was irresistible.  She got all the pulp, later. 

The hard work paid off!

Thank goodness we had a taste tester!


  1. aww, good times. I can almost smell them too.

  2. I foresee more apple pressing in our future!! It's such a great time to gather as a family!