An Open Ended Toy - Grimm Rainbow Stacker.

A family once donated a little money to our toddler program.  It was Christmas time and, instead of giving chocolate, they gave money.  Money is always welcome in childcare, isn't it?  Yahoo!

This is what we bought.


A Large Grimm Rainbow Stacker.  Their website is here.

This picture is on the Grimm website.  I never actually saw our children use the toy this way but they did use it in many other creative ways.  This toy was bought in January and has been used ever since.  

The definition of open-ended.
o·pen-end·ed (pn-ndd)
1. Not restrained by definite limits, restrictions, or structure.
2. Allowing for or adaptable to change.
3. Inconclusive or indefinite: 
4. Allowing for a spontaneous, unstructured response: 

Before and behind?  Bridges? A bumpy road?

A ramp for the cars?

Enough pieces for more than one player.

A suspension bridge?  That works well when two work together.

A belt?  Very fashionable and matching, I think.

A colorful tower.  Balancing arches?

So much possible learning with this toy.  So if you get money, instead of one!  I highly recommend it.

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