Loose Parts - in the Block Area

I am of the opinion that unit blocks (as a minimum) should be available to the children everyday, all day.  They should just be part of everyday play.  

Many children, I have noticed, don't know what to do with blocks at first.  But as they are invited with interesting provocations they learn to be curious.

I watched this little girl,  start her tower or stacking with a wedge piece.  Over and over again. And it would fall down over and over again.  Look at her structure this time.  Interesting.   She still started with a wedge piece but learned how to balance the blocks so they didn't fall.  Resilience.  Perseverance.

Using all of the blocks available. 

See the pattern?

Using tiles to make a wall.

Then they got the idea to make a tunnel.

PVC ramp, cars, tin cans, tiles and blocks

Because we have loose parts in the room, children can bring things from other areas.

She made a beautiful bed for her puppy and bunny.

These photos are just a sampling.  Something amazing is created everyday.  

"For engaging children's hands, minds and imaginations, no tool surpasses blocks.  Engrossed in building with blocks the child is a mathematician, scientist, architect, stage designer and story-teller.  And as children build together, they stretch and grow as problem solvers and collaborators. "

The Block Book, by Elizabeth Hirsch

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