Needle-Felted Play Scape - for Penguins

I decided to needle felt a play scape for my Penguin family.  It didn't take very long as I used batting with a little white roving on the top.  Because the batting has not been combed like roving, the fibres are already somewhat intertwined and it takes very little needle work to get a firm piece of felt.

I used a pretty piece of silk for water on the play scape.

To make the little snow cave, I felted a seperate piece of batting and then attached it to the play scape by needling the edges securely.

Welcome, little Schleich  Penguin family.

I found a lovely scarf in different shades of blue that reminded me of ocean and ice.  I used that to place under the felted play scape for an added invitation.  Orca whales and seals live in the Antarctica also, so add them in if you have them.


  1. Beautiful !!! Wow love the simple shape !

    1. Thank-you Sasha! My grand-daughter has loved playing with it!