My First Born.

It's my daughter's birthday today.  My oldest.  My First Born.  There is something special about the one born first, I think.  Everything about having your first baby is new and scary and exciting.  She was born before Google.  Before information was at your fingertips.  If you wanted information about birthing a baby, back in the day, you bought a book and hoped it was the right one.  Or looked up things in the Encyclopedia.

Fortunately for me, my First Born was born just knowing how to do things.  She was a pro at fact I lost all of my pregnancy weight within hours, well maybe I exaggerate.  But it didn't take long.  She knew how to cry when she needed something and within a year she didn't cry as much because she started using her words.  And about that time she started walking around.  I remember saying to my husband, she is going to be smarter than me.  And she is by a long shot.

This girl has always loved to learn new things and therefore has taught me new things.  We share many interests and for that I am thankful.  Gardening, cooking, parenting, and crafting to name a few.

Now I get to enjoy watching her grow into being a beautiful and loving Mama to her own little girl.

Happy Birthday, First Born Girl.  I love you.

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