Goldilocks and The Three Bears - A Story Basket.

I am very proud of my Mother.  She is into her senior years now and enjoying retirement.  She is active and healthy and independent.

When she was 45 she entered the world of Early Childhood Education.  She went back to school and received her License to Practise.  She worked a bit in a group daycare but after a year or so, opened her own Family Daycare.  After operating that little business for 10 years, she decided to move to South Africa for another adventure.

For her family daycare she renovated her small space and gradually bought toys and equipment for the children.  I love how she used "loose parts" before she even knew it was a philosophy.  She had little wicker baskets of loose part toy items on her kitchen table.  She called them table top toys.

For one of her birthdays I created a story basket for her. I chose things that I had around the house.  I am posting this to hopefully encourage those of you who feel that you are not "Crafters".  I know our European sisters have the edge when it come to amazing handwork, but I never learned those skills when I was young and struggle with some of it for sure.  But this story I put together demonstrates how you can create a delightful story, that children will love, in a very simple manner.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

Papa bear, Mama bear and Baby bear.  Don't worry that Papa has a Santa hat, the children don't mind.  Or that baby is the same size as Mama.

They each have a chair.

And a bowl.  With hot porridge.  Remember, children have remarkable imaginations!

They each have a bed.

And then along came Goldilocks to try out the porridge.

She sat in Papa Bear's chair, but it was too hard.

She ends up on Baby Bear's chair,  and you know what happens.

She tries out all the beds and decides on this one.

I like that this is a story that is child friendly.  You could use this in group time or the children can enjoy playing with it on their own.

Have fun putting your own stories together, a little creativity goes a long way!

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