Iphone Visits and Texting.

I've been visiting with my Grand-daughter lately.  Via Iphone.  She lives far away and it's how we spend time together.  It's amazing how well that can go.

She will be three in January.  She is pretty good with the technology of the Iphone, remarkably so, for her age.  She takes me all over the house and her Mama only occasionally has to remind her to, "take Nana with you!"  She is learning to turn the phone to show me something and is learning to prop the phone up so I can watch her play.  Sometimes, though, I make do with a view of the ceiling or right up her nose...true story! It's what you see when a child holds an iphone close to their chest and runs down the hall!

My grand-daughter is active and bright (of course she is) and a kind of constant, swirling motion.  We do a lot of different things on our visits.  Like:

She places me on the back of her bike (she's only sat on me once), which becomes her car, puts a seat belt on us, and we drive to the city and go to the Hardware store....or to her bedroom house.  Last time the bedroom house was Messy and we had to Cleeeean it up!  We play Games with Rules, we do puzzles, we hang out at her art shelf and color with pastels and look at sparkles and pipe cleaners.

We do yoga on the bed that includes special jumping exercises.

We read books together.  Sometimes her Papa reads to her and sometimes she reads to us...sort of.  I hear Fwop, fwop, fwop as she turns the pages and then she says, "the End".  She told me, "Nana, I have lots of special books".

She enjoyed showing me her sparkly Christmas tree with the Mama angel and the Baby angel.

It's getting hard to say good-bye when our visits are done.  She is understanding that we live here and she lives there.  And we have to go on an airplane and bring a suitcase. And we need money.

The last time she said good-bye she wrote me a text after.

And I'm sorry I can't go.

And I love her.  So do we all.

This is a close up of her "Uh-oh I got caught" look.  

Oooops.  Her sweet Daddy had to get a machine to clean off this art work.

The Nana in me wants to say, "She can come and draw on my couch anytime!"

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