My Holiday Kick-Off

I got to kick-off my winter holidays with a fabulous Iphone visit with my sweet, almost 3, grand-daughter.  Not that long ago, when we visited, her Mom held the Iphone and pointed it this way and that so I could see that little girl in all her business.  Now, however, she is in charge of the phone.  Exclusively. She takes me all over the house and we play together and talk about all sorts of things.

Today I learned a new trick!!  I can now take pictures of some of the images I see.  I am excited to share some of them with you.  I only learned this trick half way through this last visit so I can't show you the Fire Truck she made out of blocks that became a Train that became a Hay Wagon.  And how when she needed a hat for the ride on the Fire Truck she chose the red one for herself and she chose the "grown up" one for me.  At first she put it on me....(the Iphone, that is) and then she decided to put the Iphone into the hat.  She carried me around that way for a while.  It was nice that it was a woven hat and light shone in and made for an interesting view.

This is what I see when I am on the back of her bike.  She is going Really, Really Fast to her house (her bedroom).

Do you want to have a sleep over Nanny?

She is arranging her tent, for the sleep over.

I saw this for a while because when she was reading a Franklin book to me.  Before our sleep over.

Another view of the mesh tent in her room.  

I like those artful images....way better than this.

I still get a fair bit of ceiling views.

Sometimes she is this way.

Or this way.

Or this way.

Oh Beautiful, Beautiful technology.....if only I could hop right through that Iphone and give that sweet girl a hug!

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