Reminiscing Today.

I had some unexpected days off this week.  I was fully intending to go to work, but work called to say there were NO children!!  Well, okay then, time to regroup and figure out how to spend the next couple of days.

What I find myself doing today is debriefing 2013 in my mind.  It's that time of year when we do that, I guess.  Celebrating the good things, thinking of ways to improve the not so good, reminiscing, dreaming, making resolutions...maybe you are doing that yourself.

I thought I would share some of my highlights of the year with you, dear readers, whoever you are.  According to the blog stats you are from all over the world.  Thank-you for dropping by into my world for a few minutes to read some of my thoughts and ideas!!

The year started off with a delightful visit with my little grand-daughter and her Mama.  She was not quite two and flights are cheaper with an infant so they snuck in a quick visit before her birthday!

At work, in the toddler room, we started using more open-ended, natural, loose part toys.  We became more comfortable with the concept as we went along and saw the children respond with incredible creative and imaginative play.

Lots of baseball in 2013.  A lovely trip to Phoenix for spring training kick started the season.  I have never been there, so we enjoyed learning about some of the  history and the desert and definitely enjoyed the warmer temperatures!

Another visit from my little one in May.  Her family helped me create a beautiful garden!

From this.

To this.

To this!!

I enjoyed seeing these four hanging out together.

Hand-crafting (sewing doesn't come naturally to me, so I was proud of myself) while watching baseball.  I sewed four little birds that now hang from a branch in the daycare room. 

In May of 2013 I started this blog.  I wanted to share some of the things I have learned, and am learning, about childcare, some felting projects and storytelling ideas, and some personal anecdotes.  I also manage a Face Book page called....and the carrot came up.  You can check it out and LIKE it here if you are interested, or you can share it with young families or those working with young children.

In 2013 I looked for the beauty around me and took more pictures to document it!

My youngest got to fly out to visit his sisters in the summer!

I got to go out for a trip as well.  I love being with my girls.

I enjoyed a special dinner out with these two.

I enjoyed a week of holiday at the ocean which replenished me somewhat.  We had great visits with family and friends.

We moved my Mother, who is a young 76 year old, to the city where we live.

In the fall, in the infant room, we played with light.  We are learning more about light and how young children want to experience light.

My hubby D, and my son and I, went to our other home, the one with property, to work for a long week-end.  Being in nature was amazing.

We invested in a new couch this fall!!  Out with the Very old and in with the new!  When the old one was on its way out a light bright fell out, reminding me of how long we had owned the old couch.  And a toonie fell out as well...and a cracker.  Oooops.

We have been enjoying Iphone visits with this little girl.  I have learned to take pictures during the visit so I can document and remember our play times.

Papa enjoys reading to her via Iphone.  

My hubby D and I celebrated 30 years of marriage this year.  I'm still crazy about this guy. 

So ends my walk down memory lane.  I hope you enjoy thinking of all the lovely parts of Your year that brought you pleasure.

All the best in 2014.  Happy New Year!

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