This Daddy, a Super Hero!

I love this photo.

I love the red blanket and the red rose .  I love that the Daddy is reading to his little girl.  I love that the little girl is comfortably leaning on her Daddy, teddy bear in the crook of her arm.  I love that the Daddy doesn't mind wearing a dress-up hat while he reads.

This Daddy (and the Mommy) weren't always sure they wanted to be parents.  They thought long and hard about it.

After this darling baby girl was born, they had to adjust, as do all new parents.  As I have watched them learn to take care of her and love her over the last three years I am continually amazed by their devotion.  

In this family the Mommy works full time and the Daddy is the primary caregiver.  Plus he works on Master level courses, plus he works part-time and then the Mommy is the caregiver.
I'm impressed by their team work. How they spell each other off, take turns with the little one and help each other.

The last few times I have visited with my grand-daughter I have heard her say, "My daddy will fix that."  
One time she was showing me her Christmas tree and a ball accidentally fell off a branch onto the floor.  She calmly picked it up and assured me that her Daddy would fix it when he got home from work.

I love that she knows that he Will help her, anytime.

Today when we visited, via iphone, she wanted to do a puzzle.  Puzzles are still a little challenging for her so she took it to her Daddy and asked him to help her put it together.  Then I found out that he had actually made the puzzles.  A turtle and a hockey player!! 

I am so thankful that this little girl is experiencing a Father's love.  That she knows her Daddy will help her and take care of her and read to her and play with her and show her things.  

I love that.

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