A De-Briefing SunSeeker

Our short, one week vacation/watching baseball trip quickly came to an end.  We arrived back home to face very snowy, wintery conditions on our four hour drive home.

We had to avoid the mountain pass we  would normally drive over due to avalanches.  The alternate canyon route is amazing, but somewhat treacherous in it's own way.  There are numerous tunnels to drive through.  

We arrived home safe and sound thankfully, and are now cozy in our fleece winter wear once again.

One of my sweet daughters asked me this morning, "What was the best part?"

Watching these guys.  In the sun.  Fun.

That's mine.  In the on deck circle, in the forefront of the picture.  #17.

Dressed in orange.

Dressed in black.

My hubby and I would go off exploring when our son was with the guys.  We enjoyed the "Old Town" section of Tuscon, Scotsdale, and Prescott.  We liked the history and old architecture, browsing through interesting shops and delicious food.

We enjoyed the week very much.  It was so nice to get a little reprieve from the winter weather.

The desert was in bloom.

I liked all the plants and flowers that are so different then ours at home.

Good-bye summer clothes, see you in a few weeks!

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