Capable little ones.

We have had a lot of sickness in the infant room the past few weeks.  Colds and flu bugs are rampant and everyone seems to be affected in some way.  It's hard to slow down children for long though, I've noticed.  

Play and learning is always happening

We have about half a dozen of these lovely color blocks in the room.  I noticed one little girl working really hard with them for a long time.  She had a very clear idea of what she wanted to do.

She stacked the little one onto the big one.

Then she took the little one off and put on another big one.

Then the little one went back on top.

She took the little block off again and added a third big block.  Ooops! She persevered when the blocks fell.  She wanted to put the little block back on top but realized she couldn't reach.  She had the idea to put her feet onto the bottom shelf to see if she could reach that way.

In the end we decided to move the blocks down onto the carpet.

Re-stacking.  Big then little, then little off and the big one on.

The finished product.  She sat and looked at it for awhile.  I think she was happy with how it turned out.  And maybe she was satisfied with her work.

Don't you think that it is incredible that such a young child can play/work at something for so long?  Even though I work in the infant room everyday, I am still astounded by how capable they are.

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