Glorious Sun.

The sun is pouring into my kitchen window today.  I love that.  And I love that I have an afternoon shift so I can enjoy this morning sun.
It is cheering my soul.  

The warmth of the sun inside of my house is a little deceptive, though, as the weather man is still predicting negative temperatures for the time being.

My daughter wrote on her blog about the "perpetual Narnia-esque state where it is always Winter".  My hubby D wrote a in an email about us dang Canadians and our,  "We are Winter-ness".  I, the less-poetic one, complain and say go away Polar Vortex already!  Welcome beautiful warm and sunny Spring.

However, there is a small part of me that whispers, don't wish time away....

So I am living in the moment, enjoying the beautiful sunshine inside my cozy house.  Choosing gratefulness and joy.....and making soup!!

 Suffering from too much winter-esque-ness?  Try this RECIPE.  
Thanks, Farm Girl.

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