It's a Small World sometimes.

It's that time of year again, when my son heads down south with his baseball team for Spring Training. We tagged along to watch him and enjoy a bit of a holiday as well. It is super hot and wonderfully shocking for us coming from cold temperatures.

Today I thankfully found a patch of shade which I owned for the duration of a double header.  When my son wasn't out on the field I read a bit of my first ever E-Book!  My hubby D bought it for me knowing that I would be interested.  It is Silken Laumann's book Unsinkable. 

 So I was reading and watching, reading and watching, when a lady approached me.  She wanted to know what teams were playing.  When I told her we were from Canada, she was instantly interested and we started conversing.  It turned out that we had a lot in common and ended up talking for several hours.

*she loves baseball and played it and coached it
*she is interested in health and fitness and so am I
*she lives very close to one of my daughter's 
*she attended the college where my daughter and son-in-law work
*her aunt is in the senior's home where my social worker daughter works
*she worked with children and so do I
*she had a challenging childhood and so did I

I don't think visits like this are a mistake.

We talked about life, the good and the hard.

I came away feeling better. Encouraged.  

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