A Grimm's Wooden Doll House - an open ended toy.

I had the idea of buying a Grimm's Wooden Doll House for our grand-daughter for Christmas.   I wanted a toy that was made of natural materials and was open-ended.  She has many open-ended toys and loose parts that she is so comfortable playing with and very attached to, so I wanted to compliment what she already has.  When I say open-ended I mean that it is a toy that has few rules attached to it in terms of how to play with it.  It could be used as a puzzle, or for stacking, or for lining up, or as a house for dolls, a barn for animals or a garage for cars.  There are so many possibilities.

I went on-line and found what I was looking for at Ava's Appletree.  You can check it out HERE.

My daughter said that the wood smelled heavenly as it came out of the box. The wood is treated with natural oils including bees wax.   

I didn't realize that her Dad made her a doll house as well.  As it turned out my grand-daughter knew just what to do. 


Her little Fischer Price dolls fit perfectly inside.

Enjoy the little video clip of her playing with the little houses.  

"Did you heard my knocking?"

This is a toy that I would highly recommend for a daycare center or your home.  It can promote imagination and creativity in your child's play.  
I think it is worth the investment.

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