Face Time fun.

Here are some of the fun images I saw during Face Time with my little 
grand-daughter C.  And some of the things that she said that make me smile and think she is so amazing.  Is that a Nana thing? 

Me:  Is your Mommy home (from work) yet?
C: Yes, she is.  There is Mommy and Dada and me.
Me:  That's your family.
C: Long thoughtful pause.  Everyone needs a family.

In her play kitchen.  "I am making Patty cakes.  Some for Mama, some for Dada and some for you! They will take half an hour."

The iphone is propped up in a box in so I can see what she is doing.

Glueing....which used to be pronounced, Pooing and is now pronounced Blueing...we're getting there.

Making a glue puddle to stick paper bits onto.

And a little coloring with felts.

And then....Mommy will you do Pat-A-Cake with me?

Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake

Turn around twice,



Shake and bake the ice!

Yeah!!! So.... happy!

In two minutes it will be time to say good-bye to Nana and Papa and do your bed time jobs.  So.... not happy!

I know how you feel little girl.

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