Singing with the Little Ones.

The littles in the infant room love to sing.  All day long it seems that one or another of the educators are breaking out into song.  We sing while littles are playing or waiting for lunch.  We sing while we rock them to sleep.  We sing during transitions and we sing while waiting for Mommies and Daddies at the end of the day.

Between the four educators in our room, we have quite a repertoire of songs. 

We don't do an intentional or formal group time with this age group, however there are spontaneous moments when a group of little ones will gather around an educator and they want to sing together.  Lately I have been bringing out my little stick puppets at a time like this.  I can give them one or two to hold and they can interact with the song.  Holding the puppets helps the children to focus and move while participating in the song.

Baby Beluga

These puppets are easy to make as you can see.

Five little ducks.

I used googly eyes on the duck puppets because at the time when I made them, I was working with an older age group.  I don't recommend googly eyes for the infant age group.  For some reason, (perhaps because they are infants!) the first thing they do is try to bite them off!!  

Two little fishes swimming in a tank
One named Betty and one named Frank.
Swim away Betty, Swim away Frank
Swim back Betty, Swim back Frank

Two little fishes side by side
Swim through the water, swim through the tide
They don't need a motor and they don't need a sail
They just wiggle their fins and wiggle their tails.

Singing together brings peace and unity and emotional connection into our infant room.  It is a shared creative exercise that promotes language development and listening skills.  I can see the children are empowered as they hear and memorize the songs we sing with them.

They smile, laugh, dance, clap hands, imitate the actions and have great fun during singing times.  

Think I'll make some monkey puppets next!

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